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2.1, 3.1 & 3.2, Dr. Herekar Park, 2nd Floor, 'C' Wing, Near Kamala Nehru Park, Off. Bhandarkar Road, Pune, Maharashtra 411004

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At Abhilasha, we provide access to free legal advice and counselling in the areas of marriage, adoption, domestic violence, divorce etc.; succession & property issues; issues concerning cybercrimes, issues concerning career and livelihood and any other disputes that cause them to feel wronged or discriminated against.

What can I expect from the advice?

The Abhilasha platform provides free online legal advice/insight/counselling (i.e., through email only) to women for the problems faced in all walks of life. You may briefly detail your issue/query/concern in the form provided here after which experienced advocates/trained advisory professionals will look into the matter and address your queries to the best of their abilities. Through this online platform, you may ask for advice/insight/counsel into possible solutions/outcomes relating to your issues as well as any questions you may have about any legal terms or processes related to your queries.

By when can I expect a reply to any query raised on the website ?

We endeavor to address your queries within 48 hours, however, may require more time in case the query is complex or further information is required.

Who will be providing the advice?

Abhilasha is led by a strong and experienced team of women who are advocates, legal experts and trained advisory professionals that understand the unique needs of the community. While we come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, we are all united by our passion to help women. Hence, you can expect concrete responses from a highly trained and experienced team. In order to ensure quality support and care, all advice provided is carefully crafted by our experts to address your specific concern.

What about confidentiality and privacy?

Abhilasha understands the precarious nature of most issues that are discussed on the platform and respect your want for privacy. Hence, we have vowed to make the service completely confidential – we will never ask you for any information regarding your personal identity. You can share as much or as little as you like with us, and we shall do our best to provide you with advice on the basis of the information shared with us.

Is there another way to contact Abhilasha?

Yes! You can reach out to us via email: or contact us on: 020 25666228