Having spent his entire life in the Indian judiciary system, Shri S. V. Nevagi was always keen on giving back to the society and helping individuals who required his expertise the most. During his service tenure as a Civil Judge Junior Division and eventual retirement as a District Judge, Shri Nevagi was able to minutely observe the problems faced by the litigating class and was troubled by the wastage of time, effort and money. He quickly understood that lack of legal awareness and erroneous advice put the common man through the herculean task of legal trial, which often left them feeling remorseful and defeated. As he had amassed a great deal of experience and skill during his judicial career, he proposed to create an institution that offered guidance and support to the needy.

Keeping this dream in mind, he created the Abhilasha Foundation in 2011. With it, the groundwork of establishing a just society where everyone is entitled to his/her rights was put into effect.


Mrs. Kailash Nevagi is equipped with a master’s degree in Commerce and has always thrived in dynamic environments. Under the guidance of her father-in-law, Late Shri S. V. Nevagi, she studied law. Then, along with the responsibilities of a new home, she began to delve into law books, attend courts, and earned a degree in law, thereby acquiring the necessary skills and training essential for a practicing lawyer.

Through the course of her legal journey, she came to understand that many women were unaware of their legal rights and were often confused about the necessary and/or requisite action to take in case of domestic violence, sexual harassment, or other related disputes. She also realized that most women would refrain from taking legal help due to the stigma, societal and family pressures and lack of financial resources.

Keeping her father-in-law’s dream alive, she created this online platform,, with an aim to widen and expand horizons to reach out to troubled women in all walks of life.

“What is the greatest lesson a woman should learn? That since day one, she has already had everything she needs within herself. It is the world that convinced her she did not.” - Rupi Kaur

All women deserve the right to live with dignity and meaningful access to justice. However, the structural and systemic inequalities existing in society today can often create barriers to a woman’s right to legal equality. Women are silenced owing to family and community pressure, lack of resources, difficulty in accessing support services, discriminatory attitudes of authorities and officers and a number of other barriers that make it challenging to obtain justice.

At Abhilasha, we are committed to enlightening women on all matters concerning their legal rights, empowering them to gain confidence and take charge of their lives and encouraging their progress & growth into becoming strong, powerful women. We provide free online legal advice and counselling to women within 48 hours of submission of the query in matters concerning family and livelihood issues: marriage, children, adoption, surrogacy, domestic violence, divorce etc.; succession & property issues; issues concerning cybercrimes and any other concerns/disputes that cause them to feel wronged or discriminated against. Our aim is to foster a safe and confidential environment for women to voice out their concerns and explore the remedies available under law.

Members of our Advisory Board are experienced advocates and professionals that provide a range of support services and also actively participate in Internal Complaints Committees constituted under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention. Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 of various reputed organizations.

We are stronger together. Let us help you shine through your adversities.


Our mission is to empower women to transcend the restrictive and regressive boundaries imposed by their adversities and harness their inner strength to conquer their challenges. We aim to help women by providing quick and appropriate information of one’s rights and duties, irrespective of their race, religion, age, region or socio-economic background.


We aspire to create a strong and reliable nationwide platform for women to confide in us while being assured of complete confidentiality and trust. In assisting them with gaining apt and prompt legal guidance, we hope to inspire women to regain their confidence and once again, become self-sustaining & truly empowered.