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www.askfamilyproblem.com is an online portal supported by Abhilasha and is an innate desire to listen to voices that have been trampled, lend a helping hand to the impaired, and enlighten obscure souls…
The purpose of Abhilasha is to provide help to those in need of aid and advise in the form of free online counselling (i.e. through e-mail only) irrespective of their race, religion, age, sex, region or their socio-economic background and www.askfamilyproblem.com is a vehicle to achieve that end.
Abhilasha, among other things, has been active in providing advise and counselling to working professionals (esp. in the field of Information Technology) about issues relating to sexual harassment at workplace, maternity and matrimonial related issues. Members of Abhilasha’s Advisory Board also actively participate in Sexual Harassment Complaint’s Committees of various organisations.

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The world is changing so fast I've got societal vertigo. ~Terri Guillemets

Indeed! Euphemism resplendent in the above quote aptly represents our modern times. Society at large is undergoing metamorphosis, probably a bit too fast. There’s perceptible impact on the unit of Society i.e. family. Issues regarding family and relationships have acquired different dimensions today. Liberalization and an open economy have brought in prosperity and interaction with different cultures. Media and internet has bombarded us with information & imagery (sometimes improper & unwanted) altering social mores, way of thinking and perspectives.

All this is affecting our social fabric. The institution of marriage is losing its sanctity and purported perpetuity. Concepts like live-in relationships are coming into the social fora, challenging the age-old traditions. Omnipresent media and omniscient cyberspace is influencing the minds and hearts of people. T.V. serials projecting extramarital relationships, Delhi High Court judgment holding law against homosexuality in India as unconstitutional, propagation of liberal thinking, addiction to social networking websites etc. is changing the entire outlook of society towards relationships.

If statistics are to be believed, there has been a considerable rise in divorce cases in India in the last decade. But sometimes divorce is the most logical way out of a failed marriage; however, the quagmire of laws in India makes divorce a messy affair and divorce seekers have to undergo several ordeals in order to get separated from each other. Unfortunately our legislators have not been able to address these woes. Ensuing matters of maintenance and child custody further add to the agony.

Inspite of Despite the changing society and refinement of human civilization, incidents of domestic violence meted out to women; ill treatment of parents by their children are still rampant in Indian households. The Government has made amendments and come out with new laws to tackle this, but lack of awareness of one’s own rights, social taboo and misinformation is proving to be an impediment in realization of the aims and objectives of these statutes. On the other hand there has been also a perceptible rise misuse of certain provisions of law by women. Allegations have been made repeatedly that the penal code’s protection against matrimonial cruelty is often abused by women. Women’s organisations on the other hand recommend recourse to section 498A IPC as a first resort. Section 498A has served its purpose in many cases and brought abusive husbands to book. However, it has also been misused by unscrupulous women to extort money and harass their husband and his entire extended family. Sometimes the power of the section is wielded to get a swift divorce and settle matters regarding alimony and child custody.

Liberal thinking has also allowed noble and benevolent concepts such as adoption to find place in our society. Large numbers of couples childless or otherwise are opting for adoption, giving a new lease of life to orphan, abandoned or surrendered children. However, there have been allegations of serious malpractices in the process adoption maligning this benevolent concept.

We at Abhilasha through this website want to help individuals and society at large to be informed of one’s rights and duties. The object of the website is to provide quick, appropriate and up to date information so, that it helps one to make up his mind and decide future course of action. We shall be answering queries raised by people on such issues as aforementioned and offer counselling as required.
Let Truth take its own course…

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